Thursday April 25, 2019  6pm




Directors: Luke Pilgrim & Brad Kennedy
  9 min
MEFF2019 - The Amazing Anti-Fart Formula

Cast: Ryan Littmann, Erin Ownbey, Tamara Morton

An origami obsessed nerd with chronic flatulence attempts to cure his disorder with anti-fart pills in order to date the hottest girl at the office. He ultimately discovers that being comfortable in his own skin is more important than trying to be someone he’s not.


Director: Justin O'Neal Miller
12 min
MEFF2019 - Peggy.png

Cast: Sarah Blackman, Josh Warren, Jason MacDonald, Muretta Moss, Kristen Shawn, Kurt Yue, Mindy Sparks, Stephanie Campbell, Bonny Breuer

Everything seems to work out perfectly for Peggy, but her social graces are put to the test when she is surrounded by admiring and covetous parents at a birthday party for her eight-year-old son. Chaos ensues.


 14 min
Directors: Jacob McSharma & Jaya McSharma
MEFF2019 - #BrownBridgetMD.png

Cast: Jaya McSharma, Melissa Munds

Beneath her stethoscope and bindi, Dr. Bridget Upadhya is an awkward Indian-American whose only friends are her cats. When she attends the funeral of a patient, she forges an unexpected friendship with someone very different from her in every way 


Director: Michael Goldburg
15 min
MEFF2019 - Sure-Fire.png

Cast: PJ Marshall, Lué McWilliams, John Timothy

Benny Boon, a New York City con man, needs to come up with $50,000 in 3 days to pay off a gangster--or else. Luckily, he meets a washed-up actress, Kitty Kinkaid, who's desperate for a comeback and claims to have the money to bankroll a screenplay. Benny then poses as a movie producer and hooks her with a script called "A Woman on the Edge." Problem is, the script doesn't exist, and Benny doesn't know how to write one. So he places an ad on Craigslist for a screenwriter and puts his scheme into high gear.


Director: Eliaz Rodriguez
 5 min
MEFF2019 - Mid 30s Martyr.png

Cast: Alex Moorman, Jeremy Meador, Wanjiku Kairu, Amanda Sestak

During her big art show, a woman in her mid-30's receives a life-changing letter, overwhelmed, she dramatically shares the news with her equally over-the-top loved ones. Her boyfriend, who is desperate to save their relationship, attempts to bring her back to reality and make a marriage proposal before her new life takes flight.



  6 min
Directors: Julio Pereira & Leandro Scarpin
MEFF2019 - You Destroy Me.png

Cast: Joana Sarrazy, Mauro Corage

A man sits beside a woman on a park bench to eat his lunch, but over the course of his meal he gradually scoots away from her. When the offended woman questions his actions, it leads to a series of bitter insults which arouses them both.


Director: Rose Ashikyan
6 min
MEFF2019 - California Dreamin.png

Cast: Julie Moss, Michele Poncier, Travis Love, Antoine Morgan, Tom Amick

Hair brain schemed Lulu and her best friend Etsy follow a talent agent to get a headshot in his hands without him knowing.


 12 min
Director: JD Cohen
MEFF2019 - Killa Kafe.png

Cast: Tara Jay, Talia Rowley, Isabel Dickson, Jock Campbell, Jeremy Chapman

Killa Kafe is a dark quirky comedy about a cafe with a twist: every shot of coffee comes with a shot at eliminating the troublemakers in your life.


Director: Jason MacDonald
  5 min
MEFF2019 - Mr Goody.png

Cast: Randy Havens, Catherine Dyer

Mr. Goody lives to interview. But his tactics are questionable.


  9 min
Directors: Jerome Velinsky & Tawni Bryant
MEFF2019 - Method.png

Cast: Jerome Velinsky, Tawni Bryant, Kaarin Fairfax, Frank Magree, Jasper Bagg, Don Bridges

In the gritty streets of Melbourne, we find Emma and Ryan; two best friends and two of the worlds finest actors. Except, nobody knows it yet.

Em and Ry work every job under the sun to pay the bills, whilst never wasting an opportunity to hone their craft; no matter what the consequences may be - or WHERE they may be.