Out of Many: Diversity in Film Shorts

Saturday April 29th, 3:00pm

*Individual tickets also sold on site

The Red Cape

Country: United States

Director:  Nelson Oliver

WILMINGTON, NC, 1898: A young black child named WILLIE and his tenacious father, MONROE, struggle to survive against the mounting white supremacy campaign led by the silver-tongued orator, ALFRED WADDELL, who seeks to disenfranchise the prosperous black community and overthrow the city's biracial leadership. The insurrection and massacre, known as THE 1898 WILMINGTON RACE RIOT, became the only proven violent overthrow of a government in United States history.

About a Father

Country: Czech Republic

Director: Roman Nemec

Sixty-year old Jindřich is waiting for a heart transplant. His wife, in an effort to protect him from a heart attack, has moved with him and their teenage daughter to their cottage in the countryside, so that he would have an absolutely peaceful life. But their son David comes for a holiday and he is not alone. He would like to discuss his life situation with his father but his mother intervenes as she is afraid that it would upset his father. Is, however, the worry about his health the real reason why she is making her children lie to their father?

Lone Hunter

Country: United States

Director: Pascal Leister

A dramatic film about racism and gun violence. Based on a true story.

*Q&A with actor Tom Choi to follow this screening