Documentary Shorts

Sunday April 30th, 7:00pm

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Arts & Sciences Auditorium
The Call From The Sea
Director: Taylor McNulty

What is the ocean saying if we could hear its voice? This is the question that brought me from Florida to live with the Bajau in Indonesia. As a filmmaker, I wanted to share the life of people who live intimately with the sea.

The Bajau are a sea nomadic group who have lived on the ocean for centuries. I wanted to see the ocean through their eyes and hear the ocean's voice.

"The Call from the Sea" addresses the future of our oceans and what we are leaving behind. It is a personal and poetic story about life as a Bajau and how our actions affect their world, ten thousand miles away.

Director:  Alex Kruz, Álex Lora

Based on the true life stories of the children at the Goldungha Orphanage for the Blind in Nepal, Parivara is a positive and hopeful story following young Kopila through a fateful day in her life after the 2015 earthquake. It is a universal story demonstrating the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

Mother Tongue
Director:  Md Nadim Iqbal

This is a story about a man who risked his life to save his culture, his heritage, his language. He is now grandfather to my children and like many immigrants whose children and grandchildren do not embrace or even learn their mother tongue, he is heart broken that the sacrifices made to save his language are not appreciated or understood by the younger generation. 
This is a common story for many immigrants. We are lost in translation. 
As a young man in Bangladesh, grandfather was working as a journalist when a group of students actively organized and resisted Pakistan's attempts to force all Bengalis to speak Urdu. This fight over the language between Bangladesh and Pakistan grew into a civil war in 1971 and 3 million people died.  
Now, more than 40 years later he is wondering what the fight was all about when his own grandchildren cannot understand him.  

Family Rewritten
Director:  Yasmin Mistry
Where Has All The Play Gone?
Director:  Kirk Simon

A short documentary that encourages more PLAY in early childhood eduction. With Noam Chomsky.