Flaws and Fights Film Shorts

Thursday April 27th, 5:00pm

*Individual tickets also sold on site

Arts & Sciences Auditorium
Dead Wrong
Country: United States
Director: Emily Haigh

A teenage girl tormented by the death of her parents finds solace in strangers to deal with her spiraling grief.

Country: United States
Director:  Todd Sandler

When Brenda and Phil make the devastating decision to take their newborn daughter off life support, they must retreat to separate corners to grieve. Once Brenda gets the go-ahead to try again, they come out fighting, wondering if they can retrieve the trust and courage they once had together to take another chance on building their family.

Country: Australia
After School
Director:  Alec Tibaldi

Sisters Addie and Xandra (played Piper De Palma and Ruby Modine) come to terms with a dark secret from the past in one explosive afternoon. 

Senior Teacher
Country: China
Director:  Sha Mo

Mr. Hu, who has long been recognized as the Most Outstanding Teacher by his colleagues and students, gets into trouble. In his class one day, he punishes a naughty girl, Sharon, by hitting her on the face with a book, which unexpectedly causes her to pass out.

When she wakes up, Sharon says that she cannot hear anything. Her parents claim that they will never forgive Mr. Hu. The school gets in a dilemma. His colleagues and even family are growing away from him. However, Mr. Hu insists that he never hit a girl so hard to make her deaf. Realizing that his life is sinking into a mess, Mr. Hu is determined to prove his innocence.

Country: United States
Gardening at Night
Director:  Shayna Connelly

The period between knowing death is near and death’s arrival forms an unbearable state of regret, sadness and anticipation for Samantha. She is powerless to help Anne, who on the eve of her death, has not come to terms with her fate and remains angry and afraid. Samantha recreates conversations between Elyse and Anne from the hospital in order to comprehend what Anne is facing and the enormity of her own impending loss. Waiting expands time to the point that it loses meaning. The world shrinks to encompass only her and her phone, which will ring soon with the news. That night she can no longer bear the stillness and despite the darkness, Samantha tries to put neglected garden in order. Caring for living things gives her a temporary sense of control. Afterwards she realizes how she can help Anne let go of her fear, which also gives her the chance to say a personal good-bye to her friend.

Country: Spain
Home Sweet Home
Director:  Carlos Polo
Country: United States
Birthday Cake
Director:   Brantly Jackson Watts

Set in the deep south, Birdie marks the first anniversary of leaving her abusive lover, Donnie, with a ceremonial candle on a cake. One by one, her fellow survivors leave for the night, and Birdie is left to mourn the love she left behind with her abuser. As the evening unfurls, Birdie will be confronted by more than an aching heart in this Southern Gothic thriller.

A haunting story of love, survival and the complexities found in relationships, this film examines modern domestic violence in a way that is seldom explored. An important film that promises to linger with viewers, Birthday Cake is as captivating as it is powerful.