Why become a member of the Milledgeville Film Festival?


Your membership dollars guarantee that the MFF will bring great independent films to Milledgeville.  Each year, the number of film makers, crews, and guests participate in greater numbers, raising our unique film location profile, as well as boosting our tourism scene.  Film festivals are a growing industry globally; this is YOUR film festival, Milledgeville!  For only $125, become a member, invest in its future, and enjoy the satisfaction of being a host to international friends who share our love of the rich historical value Milledgeville-Baldwin County offers. 


The MFF is dedicated to developing a Cultural Revolution in Milledgeville!  This mission begins in 2016 with the roll-out of monthly activities, starting with a Monday Filmmaker’s Bar, to be held at rotating locations in Downtown Milledgeville.  Other cool activities encouraging the passion of film making will follow, but we need you to help make this vision a reality.  So, besides the promise of bringing more film projects, industry talent, and tourism revenue to Milledgeville-Baldwin County, how does being a member of the MFF benefit you?


  • MFF Member card

  • One Milledgeville Film Festival t-shirt

  • One All Access Badges for screenings at the 2018 Milledgeville Film Festival

  • All-you-can-watch movies during 2018 Milledgeville Film Festival

  • Preferential seating 

  • Free admission to after parties


Become a member of the Milledgeville Film Festival now!  Your $125 membership fee is a tax deductible contribution to funding not only the Festival activities but also TO the variety of monthly scheduled film maker activities to be made available to developing the talent of students and community members of Milledgeville-Baldwin County.