Our Society: Stories of Now Film Shorts

Friday April 28th, 3:00pm

*Individual tickets also sold on site


Country: Spain

Director:  Angel Villaverde

Sivia is a 17 year old girl whose mother have just decided to hire a tutor for her, Irene. She’s the one who will show her the way to understand herself and decide who she is going to be, avoiding prejudices and stereotypes.

South Pole

Country: Turkey

Director: Emin Akpinar

Muhsin is a retired, simple man. He lives in an old house with his wife. One day he is watching the news on the television when he sees his own mugshot. The reporter claims that Muhsin is the head of a terrorist group, and he is going to be killed during the protests that day… 

Country: United States

Director:  Johnny Kirk

A young woman looks to overcome her haunting past through the means of a boxing match.


Country: United States

Director:  Tyler Nisbet

An angry young man decides to exact vengeance for Islamic extremist terrorism by threatening an innocent Arab neighbor and his dog.


Country: Poland

Director:  Emilia Zielonka

Irka and Miłosz are a teenage couple who lock themselves in a 
hotel room for a single night. It seems they have a perfectly prepared plan and there’s just one thought guiding them: a love that
is unique and everlasting. That night they spend together at the 
hotel will change everything between them.