Past Awards


Best Narrative Feature - Tuscaloosa

Best Short Film - Rumori

Best Horror Short - Every 75 Minutes

Best Georgia Film - It's a 74

Best Documentary Short - Love Reaches Everywhere

Best International Short Film - Without Saying Goodbye

Best Drama Short - Flight of the Dodo

Best Comedy Short - Masterpiece

Best Student Short Film - Land of Pyrite/Land of Gold

Best Music Video - Major Moment - The Flood

Best Animated Film - Eva Kor - The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Best MicroShort Film - Stains

Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film - In Orbit

Best Director (Feature Film) - Christine Zorich (The New Abolitionists)

Best Director (Short Film) -Natasha Straley (Side Step)

Best Directorial Debut - Chris Danuser (Pap's Manifesto)

Best Actor - Arya Haeri (Guilt)

Best Actress - Barbara Miluski (Now You See Us) 

Best Ensemble Cast - Christmas In July

Best Cinematography - Without Saying Goodbye (Lewis Martin Soucy)

Best Editing - Blackbear

Best Score - Calf Rope (Ellie Brooke, Bradley Hawkins)

Best Sound - Bad Candy

Best Screenplay (short) - Guilt (Calvin Walker, Cedric Thomas Smith)

Best Screenplay (feature/pilot) - Searching For Michael (David Earle) 


virtual edition

Best Narrative Short - A Million Eyes

Best Documentary Short - Mediterranean Lights

Best International Film - Freedom


Best Narrative Feature - Here We Are

Best Documentary Feature - Where There Is Darkness

Best Short Film - 83 Days

Best Horror Film - Year of the Dog

Best Georgia Film - Farming On the Flint

Best Documentary Short - Flying Fur

Best International Short Film - Wonderwall

Best Drama Short - Henry & Sophie

Best Comedy Short - Swipe Right

Best Student Short Film - Paris You Got Me

Best Music Video - Wonderwall

Best Animated Film - Meeting MacGuffin

Best MicroShort Film - Mid 30's Martyr

Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film - Life and the Lady

Best Director - Sean Bloomfield & Cimela Kidonakis (Where There Is Darkness)

Best Actor - Alex Dobrenko (Here We Are)

Best Actress - Andie Morgenlander (Luke & Jo)

Best Cinematography - Wonderwall

Best Editing - Blackbear

Best Score - 83 Days

Best Screenplay (short) - Ruby

Best Screenplay (feature/pilot) - Finding Home

Women In Film Award - Tori Mills (Come Up For Air)


Best Narrative Feature - Running A.T. Full Speed

Best Short Film - The Kidnapping of a Fish

Best Horror Film - The Son, The Father

Best Georgia Film - Nightbird

Best Documentary Short - 13 Reasons to Fly

Best International Film - Horror Vacui

Best Drama - The Visit

Best Comedy - Off Book

Best Student Short Film - My Mother When She Was Younger

Best Music Video - Forty Miles to Macon

Best Director - Romina Schwedler (The Visit)

Best Actor - Sean McConaghy (Killing Ruby)

Best Actress - JoAnn Nordstrom (Stella Maris)

Best Supporting Actor - C Thomas Howell

Best Supporting Actress - June Squibb (The Visit)

Best Cinematography - Horror Vacui

Best Editing - The Outsider

Best Score - Every Tuesday

Best Screenplay - Postnuptials


Best Narrative Feature - I Remember You

Best Documentary - The Uncomfortable Truth

Best Short Film - Lone Hunter

Best Drama - Reversed Destiny

Best International Film - About A Father

Best Georgia Film - Birthday Cake

Best Student Film - Dirty Work

Best Sci-Fi Film - Occupants

Best Horror Film - The Disclosure

Best Music Video - Alaskan Tapes

Best Director - Alex Kruz & Alex Lora (Parivara)

Best Actor - Jake Raymond (Ashes)

Best Actress - April Billingsley (12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle)

Best Cinematography - The Thieves of Almira

Best Editing - Happy Hunting

Best Sound Design - I Remember You

Best Score - Slipaway

Best Screenplay - Mayflower


Best Director - Mark Datuin (Still Closed)

Best Actor - Lukas Hassel 

Best Actress - Sarah Cunningham (Still Closed)

Best Screenplay - Dreamwriters

Best Cinematography - Carne de Gaviota

Best Documentary Feature - Uncommon Grace

Best Short Film - Still Closed

Best International Film - Radial

Best Georgia Film - Raised In The South Of Normal

Best Sci-Fi Film - The Portal

Best Documentary Short - Eat White Dirt

Best Drama - If Not Now

Best Horror - Don’t Mess With the Sharkies

Best Comedy - The Pickle

Best Editing - Aspects

Best Music Video - Albert - Away We Go

Best Patriotic - Goodman’s Salute

Best Student Short - #Help


Best Directing:  Consolation Prize

Best Actor:  Todd Kipp                                  

Best Actress:  Amara Harnisch                         

Best Screenplay:  In The Blind               

Best Cinematography:  Consolation Prize               

Best Feature:  Janey Makes A Play

Best Short Film:  In The Blind                

Best International Film:  White Lock           

Best Georgia Film:  Dream Writers

Best New Media: Dream Writers              

Best Documentary:  Killer Sandwich   

Best Drama Film:  In The Blind

Best Horror Film:  Maskerade

Best Comedy:  FIXED

Best Supporting Actor:  J. Parker Wood 

Best Supporting Actress:  Patricia French

Best Editing:  Dream Writers                   

Best Production Design:  My Girl Rose



Best Directing:  Kevin Lacy, “Young Americans”

Best Actor:   Ken Matthews, The Beginning and the End”                               

Best Actress:  Stevie Lynn Jones, “Young Americans”                        

Best Screenplay:   The Beginning and the End             

Best Cinematography:  Kristin Fieldhouse, “Young Americans”           

Best Feature:  The Heroes of Arvine Place 

Best Short Film:  Young Americans           

Best International Film:  Basted         

Best Georgia Film:  Free Art 4U             

Best Documentary:  Paradise Garden 

Best Drama Film:  The Beginning and the End

Best Horror Film:  Buried Beneath

Best Soundtrack: Young Americans

Best Sound Design: Into the Dark

Best Makeup: Morado

Best Special Effects: Into the Dark

Best Wardrobe: The One Who Loves You

Best Comedy:  Pint

Best Supporting Actor:   Brendon Guy Murphy, “Sheltered Love”

Best Supporting Actress:  Michelle Bernard, “Young Americans”

Best Editing:  The Incident(s) at Paradise Bay                   

Best Production Design:  Sheltered Love

Georgia College Student Choice Award: The Beginning and the End

Georgia College Community Engagement Award: Free Art 4U

ADT Choice Award: Into the Dark