How to Film Festival!

Picture courtesy of Rachel Rothman

Maybe you are trying to branch out and try new things. Maybe you are a seasoned film festival goer. Whatever your story may be, we have a few tips to get you started and get immersed in all things film festival!

  1. Wear your pass proudly! All the cool kids do it, and you should to!

  2. Check the website and Facebook frequently for possible changes in the schedule.

  3. Check Facebook also for fun videos of the filmmakers and attendees!

  4. Bring friends to see the films with you! It is always more fun when you have a buddy.

  5. Get in the line for your chosen film at least 20-30 minutes EARLY.

  6. We love our guests to promote and talk us up on social, but try to talk to the people in line with you. Ask them questions and have a discussion among yourselves. Then you should take a selfie and add them on social. We have filmmakers and guests from all over. It is great to create connections!

  7. Make sure you check the weather beforehand! Weather in Georgia can be a little back and forth. Maybe bring a light jacket or cardigan for inside the screening areas in case it gets cold.

  8. Enjoy the film. Enjoy the feelings. Real men DO cry a little.

  9. When the film is over, show some love! Chances are, the filmmaker or star of the story is in the audience. Clap, cheer, show that southern hospitality!

  10. Make sure to check out our future posts about the great food in Milledgeville, so you can really experience everything!

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