Meet the Board: Abigail Murphy- Director of Social Media

I came to Georgia College in the fall of 2012. Little did I know that this small town in middle Georgia would become another home to me. Ask anyone you know and they will tell you I am the proudest Bobcat ever! I love Georgia College and Milledgeville with all of my heart. I never imagined this historic town would become a second home to me, but it is. It is a place of solace, nostalgia, happiness and Bobcat pride for me. While I was in school I served on the board for Resident Student Association, Thunder Crew (spirit team), The Colonnade (student newspaper), and I also led the social media efforts for the local nonprofit, Overview Inc.I happened to get involved with the Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival in 2015. It was an amazing opportunity to help promote them on social right before the festival, and I had a phenomenal time. Though there were sleepless nights, it was all worth it to meet the incredible international people that I met. I definitely had to drink a couple of red eyes at Blackbird to stay alive and alert. I enjoyed all of the panels and met many filmmakers and producers. It went by all too quickly, but it was like living a dream.

I bumped into Jeremiah in Milledgeville in February this year and we got talking and the next thing you know, I am Director of Social Media! I love this town, and I love what I am doing. Bringing people together to showcase their dreams and talents brings such joy to me. The panels are always insightful and entertaining. My favorite night of the whole festival are the horror shorts at Central State. I do not like scary movies, but everyone getting together on the lawn at the asylum and watching together outside just brings a great environment for the spectacle. You will be leaving the film festival with such great friends and good feelings. It is a wonderful opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Though I will probably be running around like a mad woman at the festival and taking pictures of all you lovely people, don’t hesitate to reach out! If you need a restaurant suggestion, I will always suggest Kuroshima (see picture of me clearly enjoying and taking in every moment that is the food at Kuro).I have been a loyal patron for 6 years now. If you want to wander around the campus, I am happy to give you a tour! I love this town and our film festival! I hope to see you at our 5th annual ME Film Festival!

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