The Uncomfortable Truth

Special Q&A with Director and Cast

Sunday April 30th, 3:00pm

Country: United States

Loki Mulholland, the son of famous Civil Rights Activist, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, grapples with his family’s deep roots in racism as he unearth’s his family’s history and the truth behind their slave-owning past.

Together with Luvaghn Brown, a Freedom Rider and activist, Loki explores the United States’ institutions of racism that continue to haunt our country today through his very personal journal.

“The Uncomfortable Truth” is an unapologetic film that lays bare what we all need to understand about each other with an open and honest dialogue on race and society.

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Loki Mulholland
Loki Mulholland
Loki Mulholland, 
Luvaghn Brown, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland