Together/Apart: Relationships Film Shorts

Thursday April 27th, 3:00pm

*Individual tickets also sold on site

Director:  Nate Hapke

Short film highlighting the importance of mutual appreciation and depth in a relationship.

Whoever Was Using This Bed
Country: Australia
Director:  Andrew Kotatko

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. Based on a story by Raymond Carver (Birdman), WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED is an award-winning human drama starring Jean-Marc Barr (The Big Blue), Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire) and Jane Birkin (Blow Up).

Director:  Ines Pintor Sierra

Ainhoa and Yon meet on a deserted beach and a summer love grows between them, but once autumn comes they return home on their own. To keep the memories of their story alive, Ainhoa and Yon decide to send each other postcards for a whole year.

Country: Canada
Nativity Unscene
Director:  Mark Datuin

A drama about a couple on the verge of a breakup who decide to attend one final eye-opening Christmas gathering.

Farewell, My Love
Director:  Guang Zeng

In 1997, northeast China, an old industrial center was going through full-scale reforms forcing masses of workers to be dismissed and face uncertain futures. One of the laid-off workers, Dong Feng-qin, was to move to the South with her husband. Her colleague Li Ming-hui, who secretly admired her, understood that it would be hard for them to meet again. So they determined to break down the strict moral boundaries and have a “date”.

Ot the night of their “date”, they found that the apartment key was missing in the corridor. What they experienced during that time led to a series of subtle psychological and emotional changes. Everything around them gradually turned into absurd, fearful exhaustion. They have lost each other, but there was more they would lose forever.

Country: United States
Country: Spain
Country: China