Unlikely Pairs Shorts Block

Thursday April 27th, 1:00pm

*Individual tickets also sold on site

Happy F-ing Valentine's Day
Country: United States
Director:  Jeremy Dehn

Valentine’s Day provides the backdrop for this comedy short that asks the question: How can trying to do something so good turn out so f-ing wrong?

American Sock
Country: United States
Director:  Jeffrey Lamont Brown

A girl finds her soul mate on a social media site, but he turns out to be a sock puppet.

I'll Have Another
Country: United States
Director:  Bill Brock

Marriage Counselor Jack Hartley and Banking Executive Sarah Kendall meet (via a dating website) for a first date at a restaurant where triumphs, regrets, and deceptions are shared. But where will this vital information possibly lead?

Reversed Destiny
Country: Japan
Director:  Hideki Kiyota

An African-American boy and an old Caucasian man meet by chance, and the boy feels a strong relationship with him from a past life because they have "Reversed Destiny".

Country: Spain
Rosa & Juan
Director:  Candido Perez de Armas

The gaps left by those who leave can always transform themselves and function as a magnet among those who suffer them. 

Country: Canada
Mismatch and Lighter
Director:  Mark Datuin

A quirky therapist takes it upon herself to play matchmaker to all her unsuspecting clients.