Writer's Cramp

Thursday April 14th, 6:00pm


Scott and Amy, an overly imaginative husband and wife pair of would-be-writers, are living off the waning generosity of Scott's wealthy father. When he threatens to cut them off, they hatch a plan to commit the perfect murder and collect Daddy's inheritance. Unfortunately for the bumbling couple, their efforts are discovered by Amy's mischievous pre-teen niece and nephew. The ineptitude of the adults is no match for the kids' covert operations and fancy gadgetry in this fun family film. 

Director:  Darva Campbell
Cast:  Christy Crowley, 
Raphael Barker, 
Annie Scott Rogers, 
David Blount-Porter, 
John S. Boles, 
Kellie Johnson, 
Michael Menger, 
Peter Kepler